Friday Goodies Steam Meatboy Sale Minecraft Pocket EditionIt’s Friday and it brings some great news besides beer/Skyrim/COD and what’s on your usual Friday evening list. What’s on the weekend game playing list btw? Share with us on Facebook!

First of all, long-awaited Minecraft – Pocket Edition is available for your iDevice and Android gadgets. Go ahead, download your favorite pixelated block building tool for just $6.99.

Furthermore, Steam has an amazing offer you can grab! Super Meat Boy Anniversary Bundle for $24.99 will give you Super Meat Boy, Bit Trip Beat, Bit Trip Runner, World of Goo, Braid, Gish, Aquaria, VVVVVV, Machinarium, and Half-Life 2. What is more, soundtracks for many of the games are also included into the pack.

Mac users can finally rejoice and get Super Meat Boy installed on their Apple-glowing things. If you own PC version and for some reason need Mac one, you’ll get it for free as well. Check Team Meat post for more witty comments.

If you own the games on the list, they become a great gift for your lucky friends. With holidays coming this can be a great deal – so snap it before it lasts.

Weekend Reading List

There is always a pile of unread articles that can be unloaded during breaks you take (you do, right?) while playing. Here is a list of things you might be interested in:

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