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Heyworks is coming to Unite 11. Are you?

Posted on Sep 22, 2011 | 0 comments

As most of you know, next week, September 28-30, Unity is holding a massive event for developers, publishers, tech geeks and beyond in San Francisco, California, known as Unite 11. Heyworks will be attending Unite 11 and we would love to meet up with you for a talk or discussion during these 3 days. Our CEO Alex Yarmolik will be packed with gadgets and recent works we’ve done, so be sure to ping him for demos of our last games and visualization projects. What is more, Alex will gladly answer all your questions on projects porting with the help of Unity, niche visualization projects and, of course, making games. You can schedule a meeting with Alex via

Take a look at the projects we will be bringing to Unite 11 after the cut.

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Weekly Unity Games Series: Aurora

Posted on Aug 11, 2011 | 0 comments

At Heyworks we enjoy making games. But also we love playing great games. Today we are kicking off a series of posts, in which we will highlight best Unity 3D games available to play. As Unity becomes a an increasingly popular option as a gaming platform of choice  for games developers, tons of great games pop up. With today’s vast array of AAA and indie titles available for casual and sophisticated gamers it’s easy to miss a hidden gem. We’ll open a veil off amazing games created by our peer game dev studios around the world.

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What was your first PC game?

Posted on Jul 21, 2011 | 0 comments

This week Heyworks team has gathered to recollect and share memories about our favorite games we played when we still were kids. As our team members have age difference up to 7 years, we came up with totally different titles and “older” generation was surprised that younger crew hasn’t played Digger or Gobliiins saga.

Join us and slip back into the past with a list of games we all truly enjoyed and that bring us nostalgic memories of our x286s, CGA/EGA resolutions or first Pentiums.

1. Digger


Appeared in 1983, though most of us were not even born by this date, we’ve mastered PCs at an early age and for some of us it was  their first addiction.

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Yammer

Posted on Jul 11, 2011 | 3 comments

Yammer LogoThree weeks ago Heyworks started using Yammer. Some of us (read me) were tired of a decent sized chat group on Skype and constant notifications popping up as people would share a link to a must-watch youtube video or just asked how everyone was doing. There was no opportunity to jump in or out of this endless conversation, add comment to a link that was shared a couple of hours ago or filter discussions by topics. Oh, and no search as well.

Here comes Yammer. After initial co-workers resistance and overall disbelief that we need “another social tool”, and  3 weeks test-drive I can tell you everyone loves Yammer. How do I know? You can create polls on Yammer as well. Here are 7 good reasons to bring your team to Yammer. And while you are getting convinced, do yourself a favor and get Yammer for your own company.

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