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Choosing GUI framework for your Unity3D project: EZGUI vs NGUI, Part I

Posted on May 29, 2012 | 3 comments

GUIHeaderThe following post might be helpful for those standing on the crossroad which GUI framework to go with in Unity project. Among lots of more or less advanced 3rd party options there are just two which can be seriously considered: EZGUI and NGUI. I’ll clarify major differences I’ve noticed in my experience working with both of them.

EZGUI and NGUI provide great features for making in-game UI easily and efficiently. However they use different implementation approaches. EZGUI comprises lots of instruments and controls with plenty amount of settings, so you can tweak almost every parameter of any UI element. In opposite, NGUI provides lots of small components and I like its minimalism, short, clean and understandable code. Both EZGUI and NGUI target “1 draw call for UI” and they’ve got very close. Of course “one-draw call for UI” isn’t the main concern, but why not to have such a great addition to your well-structured and optimized code.

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Level Up Your Game Advertising With Tapjoy

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 | 1 comment

Gaming market has seen such a boom in several last years and has been abundant in innovation and platforms shift. With many devices popping up and new publishers emerging, advertising rules have changed for the whole ecosystem and several strong players appeared in this domain. Tapjoy is clearly one of them. We talked with Matt Kaye, who is on the business dev team with Tapjoy and discussed OS fragmentation and consistent gaming experience, Tapjoy market that was recently launched, game recommendation mechanics, Tapjoy Android Fund and much more.

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Would you please introduce yourself and tell us in several words what Tapjoy does?

I’m Matt Kaye and I’m on the business development team. Tapjoy operates a “value exchange mobile ad network.” This model allows users to opt-in to and engage with personalized advertisements for virtual currency or premium content. Never interrupting the users in app experience, like traditional ads.  Developers rely on Tapjoy to distribute their apps and to help monetize their free-to-play, virtual currency-based apps.

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